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Health & Nutrition

The higher, more competitive level you play, the more you must be conscience of what you put into your body. If you want your body to take care of you on the field, you have to take care of it off the field. There is a lot of talk about "being healthy." Eating right as an athlete is part of your moral conditioning (doing the right thing when no one is looking). This precedes your physical conditioning (being in shape). You can want to be a faster, more confident player, but if you don't put the right foods (fuel) and liquids in your body and at the best times, you're not being honest or realistic with yourself (and you haven't developed your moral conditioning). Fire FC has found some helpful links for players, parents, and coaches to access - so you have a realistic idea as to what are optimal foods and drinks for developing soccer players and just as important, when to have them.

Good/Appropriate Foods for Soccer Players

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Moral Conditioning Precedes Physical Conditioning

Sleep well, play well

Physical Conditioning
Strengthen yourself - overlooked aspects
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