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Fire FC Development Philosophy

As an established soccer club serving our community since 1977, Fire FC supports the notion that youth players are not finished products but can and should continually build on their skills. This takes time, practice, patience, and courage to not worry about mistakes; instead to push ourselves to new limits, take chances, and continually learn from both the good and bad. The whistle blows and the kids want to win. But if we manipulate the situation and think winning should take precedence over development, we’re making a huge mistake. We’re short-cutting the development of players.

Fire FC adopts a Long-term development model for our players. This model comes from the overwhelming amount of research in recent years, which supports the  10,000 hour rule. 
Competition can become negative when winning is the overriding goal. If you want only results, just schedule games against inferior competition.

The Fire FC player development model consists of five phases which span 13 years (U5-U18). Its compilation addresses age-specific aspects of the game, so players are on a consistent path to build a strong foundation that results in realistic, attainable, and sustainable level of play (i.e. not worrying about positions/tactics at young ages with little emphasis on technique. Although kids will need to know and understand their positions as they get older, it’s not necessary for that to be the main focus for youth players (just like you wouldn’t teach a second grader calculus just because he does well with math at a young age).

**It should be noted that youth players can step into the development model at any point during recreational years.

The Fire FC player development model has also been created for optimal enjoyment, development, and performance in a consistent and challenging environment. Fire FC provides a realistic plan for players to develop from the first year kids are able to play (U4), through their high school years. Fire FC offers various levels to play at Recreational, PDP (Player Development Program), WSSL (Western Slope State League), and competitive (Colorado Soccer Association - CSA/traveling teams). This clear curriculum is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs (physical, psychological, technical, and tactical) for all players.

Recreational development model (U5-U14)
Competitive developmental model (U11-U18)