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1. What age group should my child play?
The following table explains the breakdown of ages from year-to-year. The U represents "under." i.e. U5 would be children under 5 years old.

Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Age Brackets For Premier/United (Competitive) Teams
Age  Birthdate
U18/19 2002/01
U17  2003
U16  2004
U15  2005
U14  2006
U13  2007
U12  2008
U11  2009
U10  20010
U9  2011
Age Brackets for Recreational and
Middle School Teams
U14 8/1/05-7/31/06
U13 8/1/06-7/31/07
U12  8/1/07-7/31/08
U11 8/1/08-7/31/09
U10  8/1/09-7/31/10
U9 8/1/010-7/31/11
U8 8/1/11-7/31/12
U7 8/1/12-7/31/13
U6 8/1/13-7/31/14
U5 8/1/14-7/31/15
U4 8/1/115-7/31/16

Q: Can my child play with older children?
A: If Fire FC staff see and feel it is in the best interest of the player's development, this is an option.

Q: My child is older, will they be behind if they didn't start when they were 5, 6, or even 9 years old?
A: They will be behind the older they get and haven't played, but it's not too late to start. Players develop at different rates, so as long as he/she is willing to consistently work hard and put in the necessary time and effort, they will enjoy what they do more and more and continue to develop.

Q. Is there financial help available?
A: Yes! Scholarships are limited though. Please call 242-4550 or stop by the Fire FC office at 2791 Printers Ct.. Stop by in June if your son/daughter is looking to play in the Fall. Stop by in November if they are looking to play in the Spring.

Q: Is there a refund policy?
A: Yes. Click here for info.

Q: What's the difference between recreational soccer and competitive soccer?
A: Recreational soccer is offered for players between 4 and 14 years old. Competitive soccer is offered for players looking for more of a challenge and is offered for players 9-18 years old. There are two options to play competitive - Mountain Region League (MLR), formally WSSL (Western Slope Soccer League) and CSA (Colorado Soccer Association). Please see those tabs for more info.

Q: Is there a discount for families with more than one child?
A: Yes. There is only one $10 discount per family when registering two or more kids for recreational or competitive play.

Q: What can my child do to maintain skills during off-season months?
A: Fire FC offers various programs during off-season months. Fire FC also has numerous coaches that offer individual training sessions. Contact the soccer office for contact information if your son/daughter is interested in individual training's.

Q: I've noticed some parents coaching their child from the sidelines. Is it appropriate to instruct and coach as a parent from the sideline?
A: No, this is never conducive for player development as the coach is looking to accomplish something and a player getting different information is simply confusing. Our coaches have specific goals in mind to help the development of each individual player as well goals for the team. Parents coaching from the sideline could be undermining the desired outcome of the coaching staff. Parents are strongly encouraged to positively cheer for their child and the team and refrain from offering advice. For more information, please contact Shaun Howe  and share your thoughts to see if a solution can be reached.

Q: Do I have to buy a uniform?
A: Yes. Recreational can be purchased through the office at 2791 Printers Ct. Competitive uniforms are ordered through under "Our Gear". More information is available through your coach and/or team manager.

Q: How do we register for recreational, competitive, or any Fire FC program?
A: Click on the "Online Registration" tab. If it's your first time registering for a program with Blue Sombrero, you will have to create a new account before you can register. After that, your information will be saved for future registrations, with the exception of payment information.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: You can pay for any program online with a credit card or you can mail or drop by cash or a check to the soccer office: Fire FC, 2791 Printers Ct, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Q: Can I request a certain group of players or a certain coach?
A: If your son/daughter is playing recreational league, this is an option if you register early. Once teams fill up and deadlines are missed, this is unfortunately not a realistic option. If your son/daughter is playing competitive then the answer is no. Fire FC looks to assign coaches to competitive teams accordingly. Most competitive coaches are licensed and will be with teams two to three years before another Fire FC coach takes the group for another two to three years. This is done so competitive players are exposed to various voices and thoughts throughout their development.

Q: What specific equipment does my child need? (i.e. what size ball?)
A: Players need proper soccer attire. Soccer cleats, shin guards, socks covering shin guards, and a ball are necessities. U5-U8 need a size 3 ball; U9-U12 need a size 4 ball; U13+ need a size 5 ball.

Q: Colorado weather is unpredictable. How do I know if games or practices are cancelled?
A: We have an icon on our homepage letting members know if fields are closed. Also, coaches or team managers are responsible for communicating (through calls, text, and/or e-mail) when any training's are cancelled (although there's no time by which a decision has to necessarily be made). For games, recreational games will be cancelled the day of if needed (not a day before, unless unforeseen circumstances occur). Competitive games will be cancelled and communicated on a team-by-team basis through the head coach or team manager (through calls, text, and/or e-mail). Games (even when traveling), may not be cancelled until the day of (depending on driving conditions) and games WILL NOT be cancelled just because projections are made by weather forecasting.

Q: As a parent, what are some of the guidelines that I should follow?
A: Parents play an important role in the development of their kids; however, it's important to follow a few guidelines to make sure the feedback always stays positive and in line with the objectives of the coach. First, and most importantly, support your kids' interests but don't interfere with their experiences. Soccer is a great avenue to learn life lessons through good and challenging experiences, and learning occurs through both. Parents should encourage their kids and trust the coaches will use these situations to help them continue to develop and improve as players and people. Click here for more info.

Q: Can I get my child into individual training?
A: Yes. There a a number of Fire FC coaches who work with players on an individual level or in small groups. Sessions are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact the soccer office 242-4550 to answer more specific questions.