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Scholarship Fund

Each year, Fire FC invests a portion of its budget to enable children who couldn’t otherwise afford to play soccer, to join the game.  Our club and its donors have enabled many of our players to not only afford a season of soccer, but to play throughout their youth, often earning a college scholarship because of the skills they gained while with Fire FC.  

Every gift counts and makes a difference for the players of Fire FC, but if you are interested in donating with a target in mind, the information below can help

Adopt a Recreational Player
Our goal is to provide an opportunity to fall in love with the game of soccer no matter the ability or level.  Our recreational program ensures no player is left behind.  With a network of volunteer coaches, led by our Coaching staff at Fire FC, our recreational program provides soccer for players regardless of level. 

$250 provides most players in our recreational program the ability to player both spring and fall as well as cover the cost of the uniform package required.

Adopt a United or Premier Competitive Player 
While all players play to have fun, some find fun in participating in select environments where like ability players are brought together to compete against like ability players.  Beginning at age 11, our competitive programs provide players with professional instruction by staff coaches, training, and opportunity to reach their full potential as soccer players.

$1200 generally provides most players the ability to play both fall and spring for a competitive program as well as the full cost of the uniform and training kits required for those programs.  This amount does not include travel that occurs throughout each season.

Your gift to our scholarship program has a direct impact to the future of our players and their education, both on the field and out in the world. 
To make your tax-deductible donation now, please click the button below.

If you have a specific player that you would like to sponsor, please call the office at (970) 242-4550.

For any questions or to learn about other donation opportunities, please email Shaun Howe at [email protected].