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Recreational Soccer

October 17th Fall Brawl

We were only able to have 6 teams in the U9,10,11 Bracket.  Below are the schedules and rules:


Below is a breakdown of what we will offer:

October 17th at Canyon View Park

Teams will have two games on Saturday

U6 - 3v3, Max roster 6. 4 boys teams and 4 girls team max.  Cost per team $90.00

U7/8 - 4v4, Max roster 7.  4 boys teams and 4 girls team max. Cost per team $110.00

U9 - 4v4, Max Roster 7 .  4 Boys teams and 4 girls teams max.  Cost per team $110.00

U10/11 -4v4, Max roster 7.  4 Boys teams and 4 girls teams max. Cost per team $110.00

Middle School - 11v11, Max roster 15.  4 boys teams and 4 girls teams.  Cost per team $225.00

All games will be gender specific.

These prices breakdown to $15.00 per player if max roster is filled.  Or, $7.50 per game.

Making teams:  This is going to be up to each team.  Coaches can put together players to from their teams (fall 2019). Coaches or families can also invite kids that are the correct ages (based upon fall 20 age groups) to play.   Coaches will collect funds from each family (families will write their checks to the coach) and then write the Club one check.  The team can come up with their own name if wanted (approval from the Club).  The deadline to submit a team will be OCTOBER 12nd.  Rosters and checks must be received by this date (please remember that our office is closed on Mondays so if you are coming into the office, it needs to be by the 9th.  You can email me the roster and then bring me a check on the 13th if you would like).


To make this work, we MUST have at least 4 teams in each bracket.

Your team will play a double header on Saturday.  The first game could start as early as 9:30 AM and the last game could start as late as 2:00PM.  All games will be at Canyon View.

U6-11 teams will need to provide a parent from each team to referee.  Middle school Bracket, the Club will provide the Center Referee but each team will need to provide Assistant Referee's No Club referee's will be available to AR games.

Social Distancing:  We can have two parents per player.  Each team will be on opposing sidelines with their fans on that side as well.  We ask that you keep six feet away from others not in your family.  Your help in this is very important as we want to make sure we are showing the City and Health Department that we can hold an event and follow their guidelines.

FIRE FC Rec Clinics Fall 2020


FIRE FC Day Clinic

This program will focus on individual skills, fun activities, balance and coordination and give the kids a chance to get some great physical activity.

With a professional FIRE FC staff coach.  This program is mainly for the Home Schooled and Virtual Schooled Kids.

Cost = $125

Location - Fire FC Indoor Facility

Time - All the programs below are from 1pm - 2pm

Max 25 participants per group ( Boys and Girls Combined).


Monday - Middle School (August 24, 31, Sept 14, 21, 28, Oct 5, 12, 19)

Tuesday - U4 and U5 (August 25, Sept 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Oct 6, 13)

Wednesday - U6 and U7 (August 26, Sept 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Oct 7, 14)

Thursday - U8 and U9 (August 27, Sept 3, 10, 17, 24, Oct 1, 8, 15)

Friday - U10 and U11 (August 28, Sept 4, 11, 18, 25, Oct 2, 7, 16)


FIRE FC After School Clinics

This clinic will consist of individual skills training, fun exercises that work on ball skill and athletic development, and small sided activities that help kids understand the game. This program will be ran by Fire FC Professional  Staff.

This is a chance for kids to make new friends, be with old friends, get some exercise, grow as soccer players and young athletes.

Max 25 participants per group (Boys and Girls Combined).


Cost = $125 for one of the two sessions per week (must choose the day)

Cost = $175 for both sessions each week ($75 discount)

Location - Canyon View - Ruby Field

Times are listed below


U5 and U6 - Monday and Tuesday - 5:15-6 pm (August 24, 25, 31, September 1, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, October 5, 6, 12, 13, 19)

Coach Karl Monday, Coach Larry Tuesday


U7 and U8 - Monday 6:15-7:15pm and Thursday - 5:15-6:15 pm (August 24, 27, 31, September 3, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28 October 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19)

Coach Karl Monday, Coach Larry Tuesday


U9, U10, and U11 - Tuesday and Thursday - 6:15-7:15 pm (August 25, 27, September 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, October 1, 6, 8, 13, 15)

Coach Larry Tuesday and Thursday


Middle School - Tuesday and Thursday - 5:15-6:15 pm (August 25, 27, September 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, October 1, 6, 8, 13, 15)

Coach Jerry Tuesday and Thursday


We are sad to announce that our Fall 2020 soccer season has been canceled due to Covid-19.  We were informed Tuesday afternoon that we would not be able to hold this season.  This decision has made by The Governor's office and CHSSA, which is the sports governing body for the State of Colorado.  We are working with the City to come up with some PDP Skills Clinics (small groups)we will be able to conduct this Fall.  We will send our plan to the Parks & Rec  Department for approval this week and will update everyone as soon as possible.

If you signed up for our 7/8 or 10/11 PDP programs, those will NOT Start next week.  We will have updated info next week as well.

We will also announce our plan in case parents would like a refund or transfer  to the Spring of 2021.

We have a plan in place for our Competitive Players and hope to have  the same type of program for our Rec and Middle school players.  Our hope is to offer training that includes ball mastery, passing, receiving and agility.  These  trainings will happen in the afternoon by age groups.

If you call the office, please remember that I am by myself at least half the day so if you get can't reach us. please leave a message and someone will call you back.

We want to thank everyone for your continued support and look forward to being able to offer soccer to your kids in the future.

Larry Johnson


Our Mission & Values

Our Philosophy

Fire FC Recreational Soccer - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Recreational soccer offers an opportunity for players to begin or continue to play the game of soccer in a safe, competitive, and conducive environment to help stimulate their development.  Recreational soccer plays an imperative role to help Fire FC continue to offer opportunities for gender and age specific programs for each respective season. 

Does your child have a passion for soccer? Are you interested in supplementing their recreational league play with once per week sessions with Fire FC staff coaches? Click for more information on the Fire FC Player Development Program (PDP)- Fall SeasonClick here for Player Development Programs- Spring Season open to all players U5-U10. 

Spring 2021 Season Info

Registration for the Spring 2021 season is  open.  The deadline to register is February 15, 2021.  After this date a late fee of  $20 per player late fee will be added to your registration cost and we can not guarantee your child will be able to play.  If we can not place your child a refund will be given.  Once your child is placed on a team, if a refund is requested, we will hold back $20 for administration fee's. 

Uniforms are $48.45 and available at the office located at 2791 Printers Court, Grand Junction CO
Uniform Kits include reversible jersey, shorts and socks.  All players will need shinguard's and a ball for practices and games.  Cleats are not required but recommended for the older age groups. 

 All Recreational games will be played at Canyon View Park:

See Right Page for field Map

Volunteer Coach/Referee Information
Starting this season all teams must have a registered coach and referee.  If a team doesn't have both of these positions filled, we will not be able to form that team..  Coaches can register by going to your child's registration page and clicking on the volunteer tab.  Referee's can click on the link below for your child's age group to view the tutorial and take the quiz (click on link on conclusion page to take quiz). Results will be sent to the office.

U6 Referee's
U7 Referee's
U8  Referee's
U9  Referee's
U10/11  Referee's

Rec Coaching meetings will be at The Soccer Office:  

U4-U8  3/3/21, 5:30-6:15 PM
U9-11 3/3/21, 6:30-7:30 PM

At Soccer office.

Please have at least coach attend this meeting.  There are some major changes for the U9/11 Age group.  Please remember that we would like for each teams to have a volunteer referee attend the referee portion of this meeting.  
** If a game needs to be made up, please contact the opposing coach first to confirm, then contact Larry at the soccer office: 970-242-4550, ext. 2**

Coaching Resources:

U5 - U14

Recreational Training Program for Teams and Coaches

U4-7 Program Overview: 

 The Recreational Training program, ran by Fire FC professional staff coach Karl Biddison,  is designed to train not only the players involved, but is designed to pass on information to each team's coach so that they can accurately and effectively train their teams away from this program. The more that the Fire FC can inform and educate parent coaches within the recreation program, the higher the quality of player will be  produced from the recreation program.

This is an eight week program that will involve one training per week for each specific age group. The age groups are: U4/5 and U6/7/8. Each training session will follow closely the Fire FC Recreational Development Model.

Program Philosophy:
This program is designed to promote and instill the love of the sport of soccer in an enthusiastic and safe manner, where not only players
benefit from learning individual and team skills, but the parent coaches benefit from learning how to properly be involved and coach their teams. Coaches will be asked to run activities during the season after learning from Karl the first couple weeks. Karl will be there to watch how the coaches teach specific lessons and how coaches interact with players.

u4/5 - Mondays - 5:00 - 5:45pm on Maverick South Field

u6/7 - Mondays - 6:00 - 7:00pm on Maverick South Field

Starting Monday 9/9, will be every Monday until 10/14.

More Info coming soon.

To sign up for the Recreational Training Program, please email  Karl Biddison at (970) 237-2279 or [email protected] with you team name and age group.


Individual Age Breakdown & Curriculum
The practices are designed to get the players familiar with the basic and complex movements in soccer, while giving them plenty of opportunities to gain confidence whilst dribbling the soccer ball. A very heavy importance of confident dribblers will be the main premise of the course. All activities will be designed to promote these facets of learning soccer in a safe, organized, and fun way.

U4 & U5
For ages 4 and 5 this program is intended to promote constant movement with and without a soccer ball, also this age is promoted by incorporating some ball skill included within a variety of games to keep the players constantly moving and getting touches on the ball.

Training's will typically include:
- Brief directions; repeated when necessary
- Lots of varied movement with and without ball
- Many Activities of short duration
- Lots of Water Breaks
- About 45 minute sessions
- Emphasis on familiarity and confidence with a soccer ball

U6 & U7
Ages 6 and 7 will focus on soccer-nastics (movements in every direction) and promotion of continued confidence with a soccer ball. This will be done through techniques such as "individual discovery" and "guided discovery". At this age the focal points of trainings will be ball mastery.

 Trainings will typically include:
- Brief direction, and brief player discovery
- A mixture of maze and target style games and activities
- Sessions running for about an hour
- Emphasizing ball mastery and individual discovery

At the ages of 8 and 9 players begin to start showing improved locomotive kills, so a less emphasis of "soccer-nastics" however; movement will still 
be a point of recognition. Also at these ages players have basic technical skills and cognitive recognition for the game. Focal points for ages 8 and 9
will include ball mastery as well as improved understanding of team skills. A large focus of individual discovery will be set for a higher level of cognitive ability from the players.

Trainings will typically include -
- Slightly more complex activities
- Mixture of individual and partner/team activities
- Sessions which run about an hour
- Emphasis on ball mastery and improved team skills

For more information on this program or to sign your team up, please contact Information: 
Karl Biddison at (970) 237-2279 or [email protected]

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for registration

Recreational Development Model
Parent Education

If a game needs to be made up, please contact the opposing coach first to confirm, then contact Larry at the soccer office: 970-242-4550 x2

If a game needs to be made up, please contact the opposing coach first to confirm, then contact Larry at the soccer office: 970-242-4550 x2

Spring 2021 Fees:

U4: $75.00 per season
U5-U7: $85.00 per season
U8: $105.00 per season
U9-U11: $115.00 per season

Rosters and Schedules

Our Fall Season has been canceled due to Covid-19

Open link and find the correct age group.  Players first name, last initial will be listed.  If we have a coach for the team, their information will be listed in BLACK.  If it is listed in RED, their background check has not come back yet.  They will not receive a roster until cleared.

Roster Click Here  (Will post on 3/24/21)

BOYS SCHEDULES ( Click on age group after you find your child on rosters)


Recreational Coaching Videos

U4-6 Coaching Video Part 1
U4-6 Coaching Video Part 2

U7-8 Coaching Video Part 1
U7-8 Coaching Video Part 2

U9-11 Coaching Video Part 1
U9-11 Coaching Video Part 2
U9-11 Built out line Video

Recreational GK Coaching Videos

Warm Up

Hand Positioning

Basic Positioning

4 Types of Catches



U10-12 Beginning GK

Rules of the Game Per Age Group

U4-8 Rules Matrix
U9-11 Rules matrix

FIELD MAP  Fall 2020

Coaching Manual Doc  (Updated 3/13/19)