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Competitive Online Uniform Ordering

All Fire FC competitive players will wear  Fire FC Adidas Uniforms.

We are now using to order our uniforms and fan gear.  We will have ordering directions By July 3rd.

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Fire FC Adidas Uniforms

Game Day Uniform Combinations:

Fire FC Boys & Girls
Home: Royal blue jersey top, Royal blue shorts and Royal blue socks

Away: White jersey top, Royal blue shorts and White socks

** All pieces of the game uniform should be brought to all games and must be washed, clean and in good condition.

Fire FC Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy:

Fire FC maintains a three-year purchase policy for our competitive teams that is compliant with the existing sponsorship agreement between the club and our current uniform sponsor.  All competitive teams will be required to purchase a new uniform kit every three years. Uniforms must be used in both league and tournament play for each team’s respective season immediately following the uniform launch. The Fire FC staff and Board of Directors will determine the uniform for every 3 year cycle.

Game Day Uniform Home/Away