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Our Mission & Values


Fire FC is a parent driven organization dedicated to improving the soccer community in ways that are fun, positive, safe, and challenging for individuals of all ages, abilities and economic backgrounds.


Fire FC will achieve its mission by becoming a club that puts player development before wins and losses. We will provide outstanding soccer opportunities that help all kids to reach their soccer goals and that help to grow the sport and the soccer culture in our community. Fire FC will also establish itself as a professional organization that is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our members by offering opportunities for our players to play in recreational leagues, competitive leagues, travel abroad, give back to the community (soccer and city), and to grow within the sport by experiencing and applying life lessons that will help them in all facets of their life.

What We Value At Fire FC


1.       Individual development technically (skills with the ball), tactically (decision making on the field and understanding of the game), physically (speed, strength, quickness, power, endurance, etc), and mentally (belief in self and the team) from every member of the club.We will strive to develop sound soccer players that can play multiple positions and formations.

- This will be accomplished through training and a year-long plan that includes optional programs like small sided games and camps. These optional programs are very much a part of our curriculum to create skillful players, who love the game.

                - We also hope over time, the kids will love the game so much, they are inspired to work on their own to become better players.

2.       We will attempt to build a cohesive unit that plays team soccer.  Each member of the team will feel like a valuable contributor to the whole.Commitment to a team concept, rather than a bunch of “superstars.”

                - As much as possible, we want to help promote a team where players like and respect each other.

3.       We know that kids develop at different rates.  Players who are the same age, could very well be physically and mentally different by as much as 3 years.We will attempt to identify the kids with the potential and desire to become very good players, rather than simply select the early developers at the young ages.

4.       A dedication to sportsmanship that will make kids better soccer players and citizens on and off the field.

5.       An organized, long-term plan to develop soccer players who are mentally and physically prepared to play soccer at the college level.This means that they have the soccer ability, the physical strength and speed, the mental toughness and confidence, and most importantly the grades to get them in school.Obviously it is tough for a soccer club to ensure that your son / daughter will excel in school; however, the club will promote an environment where education is valued.  This will be done by accepting and sometimes encouraging school work to come before soccer, showing them what college coaches are looking for academically, and using soccer as one more reason to focus on studies in order to achieve the goal of playing college soccer.

6.       The importance of proper diet will be stressed to enhance the potential of each player’s body and mind.

7.       Fire FC  players will leave this club with excellent character and good values like hard work, integrity, commitment, perseverance, dedication, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership.Soccer will be used as a tool to teach important life lessons that will help players to become better people.

8.       Winning, while important, will not be the first priority. The club will create a mentally and physically challenging environment that pushes players to develop and grow. However, this will be done to create the type of player that I’ve mentioned above and never solely for the purpose of winning.Our end all goal for every player is that they leave this club loving the game of soccer and want to play it and be involved with it for the rest of their lives (as a player, coach, referee, volunteer, soccer parent or whatever the case may be).

9.       Soccer should be something each member of this team enjoys playing.  The game should be challenging and educational, but most importantly fun and rewarding.

10.    With philosophy number 8 in mind, Fire FC players will be expected to give their best effort in training and games. While the game is supposed to be fun, for competitive athletes, there is nothing more rewarding than leaving the field feeling that you made strides as a player because you gave it your all.  Nothing less than maximum effort will be acceptable.

11.    Parents will be at practices and games to support their kids and the team. Parents are not on the sideline to ridicule the team, players, coaches, or the referees. Fire FC parents will be known for having a well behaved sidelines that supports the team with positive encouragement and not fall into the emotional trap of yelling and screaming at anyone involved in the game or watching the game.

12.    Fire FC (coaches and administrators) will attempt to create a family environment by getting to know players and parents. We hope that members of Fire FC love the club because they know we have the best interest of the kids in mind with every decision we make. This does not mean we will always make the decision that is in the best interest of the individual; but concerns will be heard, then considered and then a decision will be made that is in the best interest of most.

13.    Fire FC Coaches will hold themselves to a high standard and always be aware of decisions they make and how they impact the players/team. This does not mean that our coaches will always be perfect, but they will be committed to growing as people and being a good role model for the kids we coach. Along these lines, Fire FC Coaches are dedicated to continuing education and realize as the game evolves, so must they. The club will send them to coaching courses, clinics, and conventions to help with this process.

14.    We want to see the game grow in the Grand Valley. This means finding ways to get more kids involved at the recreation level and keeping them involved at the competitive level. We will strive to make decisions that are inclusive and that motivate our players to continue playing soccer.