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New Referee Courses

Please consider becoming a referee, or recruit someone you know.


All, We have a couple of opportunities to become a certified Soccer referee. Below is information on the sessions here in Grand Junction. If you have any questions, pleas contact Tom at 970-216-3848.


Saturday, August 18, 2018 – Long’s Park 9 am to 2 pm
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Grade 8 Referee Course

 The Grade 8 Referee course is designed to make certification easier, more fun and more effective in preparing a new referee. Grade 8 Referees can officiate as center or assistant referee for any or all youth games, and can currently also referee adult games. The minimum age for a Grade 8 Referee is 14. 

Step 1 is online study and testing (anyone can register, watch videos & read slides and complete the exam). This can be done any time, and you don’t have to do it all at once. Pay the $90 registration fee with a credit card at the time you register for the course. (This initial fee will cover instruction and registration with the United States Soccer Federation through 2017. Re-certification for future years will cost less.)

Step 2 is to sign up and attend a 5-hour field training session by choosing a session date and location. (If needed, this step can be postponed to a later date within the same calendar year.)



Grade 9 Referee Course

If you are at least 12 years old, but not yet 14, you can become certified as a Grade 9 Referee. Adults can also become Grade 9 Referees. After gaining refereeing experience (and/or reaching the age of 14), Grade 9 Referees can upgrade to Grade 8 by completing an online “Bridge” course.

The Grade 9 course can be completed totally online. (Mentoring will be available locally to support and encourage new referees. Mentoring will provide some of the benefits of the Step 2 portion of the Grade 8 Referee Course.) Additionally, Grade 9 Referees can sign up to participate in the Step 2 Field Training for a $10 fee.

Sign up for the Grade 9 Course at the same website as for Grade 8. Upon completion of the online course and payment of the registration fee, your badge will be mailed to you. 

Grade 9 Referees are certified to officiate recreational games and to work as assistant referees for younger players in some advanced (competitive) games. Positions assigned to Grade 9 Referees for Fire FC games can include centers for U9 and older recreational games, middle school games, Mountain Region League U10 centers, MRL assistant referee for U12, and more.

If you desire additional information or assistance, please contact Tom Lillpop at [email protected] or Chris Day at [email protected] .