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U4-U11 Recreational Soccer (Ages 3-11)

Fall 2024 Recreational Dates

Fall2024 Dates
U4/5 - Sept 5, 12, 19, 26     Oct 3, 10, 17
U6/11 - Sept 7, 14, 21, 28    Oct 5, 12, 19

Recreational soccer offers an opportunity for players to begin or continue to play the game of soccer in a safe, competitive, and conducive environment to help stimulate their development.  Recreational soccer plays an imperative role to help Fire FC continue to offer opportunities for  gender and age specific programs for each respective season. 

Does your child have a passion for soccer? Are you interested in supplementing their recreational league play with once per week sessions with Fire FC staff coaches? Click for more information on the Fire FC Level Up Program  -  open to all players U5-U10. 

Fall 2024 Registration

Registration for the Fall 2024 season will  open on May 24th, 2024.  The deadline to register is August 12th,  2024  After this date a late fee of  $20 per player late fee will be added to your registration cost and we can not guarantee your child will be able to play.  If we can not place your child a refund will be given.  Once your child is placed on a team, if a refund is requested, we will hold back $20 for administration fee's. 


Recreational Soccer Fees

U4: $85.00 per season
U5-U7: $95.00 per season
U8: $$120.00 per season
U9-U11: $135.00 per season

**** Please note that registration fees DO NOT include price of jersey kits****


Uniforms are $55.00 and available at the office located at 2791 Printers Court, Grand Junction CO.   Please order your uniform kit online under the REGISTRATION Tab then bring your receipt to the office to pick up your kit.  Please do not wait to pick-up your kit.

All rec players must now have the NEW Royal Kits.

Uniform Kits include reversible jersey, shorts and socks.  All players will need shin guard's and a ball for practices and games.  Cleats are not required but recommended for the older age groups. 


Individual Age Breakdown & Curriculum

The practices are designed to get the players familiar with the basic and complex movements in soccer, while giving them plenty of opportunities to gain confidence whilst dribbling the soccer ball. A very heavy importance of confident dribblers will be the main premise of the course. All activities will be designed to promote these facets of learning soccer in a safe, organized, and fun way.

U4 & U5
For ages 4 and 5 this program is intended to promote constant movement with and without a soccer ball, also this age is promoted by incorporating some ball skill included within a variety of games to keep the players constantly moving and getting touches on the ball.

Training's will typically include:
- Brief directions; repeated when necessary
- Lots of varied movement with and without ball
- Many Activities of short duration
- Lots of Water Breaks
- About 45 minute sessions
- Emphasis on familiarity and confidence with a soccer ball

U6 & U7
Ages 6 and 7 will focus on soccer-nastics (movements in every direction) and promotion of continued confidence with a soccer ball. This will be done through techniques such as "individual discovery" and "guided discovery". At this age the focal points of trainings will be ball mastery.

 Trainings will typically include:
- Brief direction, and brief player discovery
- A mixture of maze and target style games and activities
- Sessions running for about an hour
- Emphasizing ball mastery and individual discovery

At the ages of 8 and 9 players begin to start showing improved locomotive kills, so a less emphasis of "soccer-nastics" however; movement will still 
be a point of recognition. Also at these ages players have basic technical skills and cognitive recognition for the game. Focal points for ages 8 and 9
will include ball mastery as well as improved understanding of team skills. A large focus of individual discovery will be set for a higher level of cognitive ability from the players.

Trainings will typically include -
- Slightly more complex activities
- Mixture of individual and partner/team activities
- Sessions which run about an hour
- Emphasis on ball mastery and improved team skills

For more information on this program or to sign your team up, please contact reach out to: 

Recreational Development Model
Parent Education